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Welcome to barxui

barxui is a comprehensive cloud based design and printing system for data driven labelling and documents.

TL; DR ? Below is a summary of the main features of barxui. If you want to get started quick, then refer to the How, Where, What & Why section.


Read below and linked sections for more details about these and many other features.

  • Modern cloud based document design to allow easy sharing of documents between any number of sites.
  • Data import and synchronisation from Excel, CSV, SQL data sources and 3rd party systems via AddOns.
  • Print to PDF, Image or your local Windows or thermal printers.
  • Add multiple user accounts, each with specific permissions.
  • Subscription based - use for 1 month or as long as you need. Suspend your subscription for up to 1 year.


barxui includes a fully web based designer for labels and other types of documents. It's very quick to create plain or complex designs that include many types of shapes.

Designer with Address Label

barxui shapes include simple objects like text and lines and pictures, but also more useful shapes like barcodes, prices, and nutrional info panels.

Many shapes support different styles to make it fast to create standard labels for your industry, for example, there are more than 15 barcode styles.

Generating labels from your data is also very easy. Simply upload your data in the data manager then attach this to your label design.

Designs can also prompt for input when printing, for example, selecting a product or customer record, entering a weight and many more options:

Create a Variable

barxui can print to PDF files or PNG image files. Using the barxui Agent you can print to any printer supported by Windows.

For more details, see the Designer section.

Data Manager

Printing static labels is fun, but not terribly useful. Its probable you will want to include some data on your labels. Luckily, barxui provides a way to this.

The data manager in barxui allows you to upload data from Excel or CSV files, but more usefully, you can connect to your local data sources using the barxui Agent and to 3rd part data sources using barxui AddOns. Powerful consoles can also connect to your data for the simplest to use and most powerful functionality in barxui.

The data manager lets you upload and view and even edit your data.

Manage Your Data

After uploading, you can define queries to filter and sort your data. You can also join queries together to lookup related information, for example, a product linked to a supplier.


The barxui Agent is a windows application that provides a connection to your local or network connected printers and a syncronisation chanel for local data.

barxui support all types of printers that have a Windows printer driver. If you can print from Windows, you can print from barxui! Printing is also quick - clicking the print button in barxui will typically take less than 1 second to start printing (subject to you internet connection speed of course).

Connect an Agent

Agents and connected printers are visible and controllable from barxui. Once connected, you can choose which printers to enable or disable and ou can update the Agent software. The Agent is also installable as a Windows Service for unattended operation.


AddOns provide connections to other cloud based systems and custom functionality. Currently, this functionality is in testing but a Xero AddOn is available for early access. Contact our support team for more information (