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How, Where, What & Why

If you want a quick start with barxui - really quick - then this is the place to begin. For more details of barxui's features, refer back to the index on the left for relevant sections.

How to

Do What How To
Register Navigate to
Create a login with an email address and password the follow the instructions on screen.
Refer to the Setup Guide for more details.
Login Navigate to
Enter your login email address and password.
Refer to the Setup section for more details.
Setup Refer to the Setup Guide.
Create a label Navigate to the Design Manager and click New Design.
Refer to the Designs section for more details.
Print a label After creating a design, click the print button in the Designer.
To print directly to a local or network printer, install the barxui Agent and configure printers.
Add data to a label Upload a file to the Data Manager or connect to data with a barxui AddOn then import to the Data Manager, or use the barxui Agent to create a Data Sync for a local file or relational database.
Once you have a data table, connect it to your design and update shapes to get data values
Add Users to my Organisation View the Organisation settings from the Setup menu.
Invite other users by email.

Where is... ?

Where is... It's here
barxui Agent Download latest version by selecting Agents & Printers from the setup menu.
Refer to barxui Agent section for installation and setup instructions.

What... ?

What... This
What limits are there in barxui? Limits are defined by your subscription level and expansion packs you have purchased. Limits are defind here.

Why does barxui...?

Why does barxui... Because
Why do I need the barxui Agent? Printing from web pages to local printer is fine for printing a web page or a simple document, but printing labels usually needs to be controlled and fast. This is not (currently) easy or possible with web technologies.
The barxui Agent also provides a mechanism to send data to barxui so it can be shared by all users and multiple designs.