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barxui Agents

barxui Agent is a Windows application that allows printing of barxui labels and documents on your local or network connected printers.

You can also use the Agent to syncronise data from local or network connected files and data from an accessible relational database.


To install barxui Agent, first download the setup application from barxui.

Select the Agents & Printers option from the setup menu.


From the Agents tab, select Download & Connect Agent and follow the instructions presented.

Agent Download


After installation, barxui Agent should start automatically. You should see the following:

Agent Connection

Enter a unique name for the agent. This name will be useful in barxui when selecting a printer, especially if you have multiple agents installed, so use an informative name.

Enter the code from the barxui Agent download dialog. You can click Get Code to open barxui in your browser if you dont have it open already.

After entering the name and code you will see a Connect button.

Agent Connect

Click Connect. After a few moments the agent should be connected successfully.

Now, click Activity and Start.

From barxui again, return to the Agents & Printers page and you should see your new agent listed. Click the Test button. In the agent you should see the test message received successfully.

Agent Test Message

Congradulations! Your setup is working. You should now be able to printer to any local printers from barxui. Just remember to configure and enable the printers in barxui.

Advanced Configuration

There are a few options you can enable to make barxui Agent even better.


The startup options includes the following:

Agent Startup

Run as Service

This option will use a Windows Service version of the agent. A windows service is a special type of application that start automatically when the computer it turned on so you dont have to start the agent manually. This is very handy if you are installing the agent on an unattended server.

If you tick Run as Service, then you should Install and Start the service also. Once installed the service will automatically start when the computer starts, but for the first time you should start it manually.

Start Processing Automatically

This option will get the barxui Agent to start listening and processing jobs when it starts. Without this, you will need to click Start whenever the agent is started.


If you are using the Agent Service then this option is not relevant - the service should always start automatically.

Show Error Notifications

Turn this option on if you like toast.

Enable Printing

If you are using barxui Agent only to synchronise data and not print then you and turn off printing here.

Dark Theme

Changes the barxui Agent to be cooler.


The notification setting allows you to play a sound when a print job completes.

Agent Notifications

You can select one of the standard Windows sounds or selecting custom, you can enter the full path to your own .wav sound file.


barxui Agent is able to automatically install new versions as they become available. If you want to check for a new version manually then click the Check Now button:

Agent Updates

If a new version is available you will be prompted to install it.


The barxui Agent Service will not be stopped prior to installation. You should stop this manually.


Enable Details Diagnostics will record all errors printed output into an archive that can be used to diagnose complex issues. You should only enable this option if instructed by barxui Support or your IT guy / gal.

Agent Diagnostics

Trouble Shooting

It's possible that the barxui Agent is not able to create the connection to barxui. If so, check the following:

  1. Did you enter a valid name for the agent? Names should be unique and try not to include any funcky characters.
  2. Did you enter the correct connection code copied from barxui? Try refreshing this to get a new code and use the copy button then paste to the agent code input.
  3. Is your internet connection working? If you can use your web browser and see barxui then thats probably not an issue. However, the connection uses different TCP ports than your browser. You may have to talk to your IT guy or gal about this. Details on this are at the bottom of the page here.

Activity View / Main Window

The Activity view displays recent print request, test messages, data sync job and other messages. If an error occurs you can see a summary of it here.

Agent Activity

Data Sync

barxui Agent can synchronise data from Excel files, CSV files and relational databases sub as Microsoft SQL Server.

Agent Data Sync Sources

Click New to add a new data sync or Update to change an existing one. Delete will confirm before deleting the data sync. Refresh will update the status of all data syncs. Use Run to execute a data sync manually.

Adding and Updating data syncs

Agent Data Sync Update

Common Settings

All data syncs require a unique name to identify them. This name will also be used when creating the table in barxui Data Manager. The description is for reference only.

Data sync jobs can be enabled or disabled using the Enabled checkbox. This really only applies to data syncs that are executed on a schedule or on change.

Sync. Period is use to define the frequency of updates. This can be:

  • Manual - jobs only run when manually
  • Changed - jobs run when the specified file is created or updated (only relevant for file data syncs)
  • Minute
  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week

For time based Sync Periods an interval amount is required. Start Date and Time should also be entered for these periods.

Excel and CSV Files

For Excel and CSV files, the file name must be specified. barxui Agent must have access to this file. If you are updating this file from another application - e.g. Excel, then it could be possible that barxui Agent tries to read this file while it is locked by the other application. A good idea is to copy the source file to somewhere that only barxui Agent will access it.

For CSV files and Excel files, the First Row Is Header option is displayed. When importing CSV files you should have field names in the first row of the file. If no, barxui will generate column names like Excel column names, i.e. A1, A2, A3 etc.

For Excel files, you will see an extra option to select import of all worksheets. If not selected, only the first sheet in the file will be imported.

SQL Data Syncs

Connecting to a relational database like Microsoft SQL Server requires a connection string and a query.

Agent SQL Data Sync

Connection strings are specially formatted. Typically your IT person will provide this. A great resource for figuring our connection strings is


barxui Agent currently only supports Microsoft SQL Server connections. If you use a different relational database, please contact barxui Support for assistance.

For IT People

This section is for technical experts.

barxui Agent Service

The barxui Agent includes a Windows Service. This is installed and controlled from the barxui application, detailed above.

The service will installed to run as Local System by default. If you with to access network resources then you may want to change this to run using Network Service or a domain account with sufficient permissions to access files or databases.

barxui Agent Updates

barxui Agent includes an auto update function. This can be trigger in a few ways:

  • During installation.
  • Manually in the barxui Agent interface.
  • New updates pushed from barxui web interface.


The barxui Agent Service will not be stopped prior to installation. You should stop this manually.

Agent Access Ports and URLs

  • barxui Agent uses HTTP:80/443 for API requests to the barxui api at .
  • Messages to barxui Agent (for printing, test and other things) are sent using MQTT on port 443 & 8883. All communications are secured using TLS 1.2 with a certificate unique to each organisation. Messages are sent from somewhere in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Additionally, barxui communicats with the barxui Service installed locally using grpc on ports 50051 and/or 50052.


All barxui activity is logged to a folder in ProgramData - typically this is C:\ProgramData\HEXCOM Ltd\barxui Agent\Logs . From the main Actvity view in barxui Agent you can see a summary of activity, but also, in the very top right corner is a link to open this folder.

Logs are rolled - only 14 days of logs are kept - so you dont need to worry about the disk filling up.

Detailed Diagnostics

Enabling Details Diagnostics will be useful for barxui support if you experience issues with connection to barxui or when printing etc. This will record all logs and printed output into ZIP archive files