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barxui Addons

Addons extend the functionality of barxui with integrations to a number of other systems. The functions offered by each AddOn, and the available Addons themselves, depend on the specific features of the system being integrated but also on the requirements of our customers. If there is something you need to integrate with, please talk to us - we can probably help!

Multiple instances of the same AddOn can be configured if required. For example, if you have several organisations in Xero you can connect to each of these.


Your subscription will determine how many AddOns you can configure. The Free subscription level does not allow any AddOns.

Manage AddOns

Xero Accounting

The Xero AddOn allows users to import Contact, Invoices and Items (inventory) from a single Xero organisation.

Xero AddOn

The Xero AddOn configuration options are as follows.


Enter a unique name for this AddOn connection to Xero.

Connect to a Xero organisation by clicking the Connect to Xero button.

Enable or disable the AddOn.


Select the mode for importing each of the supported data tables.


Tables can currently only be imported manually. The automatic option may be available in the future.

Tables will be named using the Xero Organisation name, e.g. Demo Company Invoices.