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Activity and Usage Summary

barxui is a shared platform and as such we need to ensure that we maintain enough resources (i.e. clouds) to provide adequate computer power and space for everyone. To acheive this, we need to keep a record of what everyone is doing. The Activity and Usage Summary displays this information. This is the same information we can see here at barxui HQ. Nothing is hidden.



Nothing is infinite - except the universe - so we have to impose some limits on how much you can do and store in barxui. Depending on your subscription plan, these limits will vary.

Current limits are as follows:

Subscription Expansion Packs Included Designs Data Files AddOns Agents & Printers Concurrent Users Sites Used At
Free - 2 Designs, 300 Print Jobs / Month 1 Table, 300 Rows 10 Files, 100MB - - 1 -
Paid 1 Unlimited 11 Tables, 10300 Rows 10 Files, 1GB 1 1 Agent, 5 Printers 6 1
Each Expansion Pack Adds - 10 Tables, 10000 Rows - 1 1 Agent, 5 Printers 5 1

We are very flexible about enforcing these limits. If you go over a limit for a short period, we won't kick you out, but we do ask you to be honest and upgrade your subscription plan if you regularly need more resources.

Free Period

The Free Subscription is time limited to 90 days. After this time you should switch to a paid subscription.

Paid subscription include a 14 day trial period so you can test the features only available on this level.